Welcome to Fishing Donkey!

Welcome to Fishing Donkey, where every cast tells a story, and each catch holds a memory. I’m James Bass (my pseudo name), and more than just an avid fisherman – I am a storyteller, a nature enthusiast, and your guide around, about, and through the enchanting world of fishing.

As young men growing up in Virginia, we fished constantly— river fishing, lake fishing, pond fishing, boating, wading, bridging, or bank fishing. And when we’d catch a big one, we’d call that a Donkey! Now you know why I called this site Fishing Donkey.

fishing donkey

My Journey with the Rod and Reel

My love for fishing began in the calm, murmuring waters of Southwest Virginia, where, as a youngster, I felt the exhilarating thrill of a fish tugging at my line. Ose early mornings by the waterside, under the soft awakening light of dawn, weren’t merely about catching fish; they were about connecting with nature, understanding its rhythms, and learning the virtues of patience and persistence.

As time flowed, so did my fishing escapades, extending from the familiar currents of Yellow Breaches to the vast, untamed blue of Smith Mountain Lake. The place where I cast my line became a part of my story. Whether I was wrestling the formidable smallmouth bass or delicately fly fishing for rainbow trout, every experience sharpened my skills and deepened my connection with fishing.

A Life Built Around Bait and Tackle

Over the last 40 years, I’ve immersed myself in every aspect of fishing. My journey has taken me across various continents, exploring diverse aquatic landscapes and tangling with many fish species. Each adventure has been a learning experience, teaching me more about the art of angling and the importance of conservation.

Credibility Builders

  • Years of Experience: More than 40 years of hands-on fishing experience.
  • Places Fished: Ranging from Lady Lake, Florida, to Silverwood Lake, California, each with unique challenges and rewards.
  • Notable Catches: My trophy case includes a 5lb bass, 12lb catfish, a 6′ leopard shark (surf fishing in Dana Point, CA), and a 3′ hammerhead (surf fishing at Hilton Head Island, SC), among other memorable catches.
  • Expertise: Deep knowledge of different fishing techniques, including fresh water, salt water, and brackish sites, as well as new technology, tackle, bait, and fish cleaning and preparation.
  • Community Engagement: Active member and contributor to various fishing clubs and online fishing communities, including the Facebook page Hunting Donkey.

Sharing My Passion

At Fishing Donkey, I aim to share this passion with you. Whether it’s spinning tales of close calls and triumphant catches or offering advice on the perfect lure, I’m here to share a lifetime of fishing stories and insights. The site is for everyone – from beginners seeking to wet their first line to seasoned anglers looking for that elusive catch.

Join Me on This Adventure

Whether you’re here for stories, tips on your next fishing adventure, or seeking advice on the best gear, Fishing Donkey is your gateway to the wonderful world of fishing. Let’s cast off into this journey together, one line, one hook, one catch at a time.

James Bass, Donkey Website Creator

fishing donkey

Our Team

James Kitts: Hunting and Fishing Expert, Blogger, and Editor

Ben Kitts: Fresh and Salt Water Fishing Expert, PGA Teaching Professional

deer donkey

With over 25 years of hands-on experience in the wilderness, James is a seasoned hunter and fisherman with an authoritative voice in both communities. Having ventured through diverse terrains, pursuing game ranging from deer and bear to trout and striper, James brings a wealth of practical knowledge and deep respect for the sport and conservation.

Passionate about sharing this knowledge, James has developed and now manages over ten websites dedicated to hunting and fishing.

These platforms are not just hubs for sharing hunting stories and tips but also serve as comprehensive guides for fellow hunting enthusiasts, from beginners to veterans. They offer insights into different hunting techniques, strategies for various game types, and personal narratives that bring the reader right into the heart of the hunt.

Recognizing the vital role of gear and technology in successful hunting, James stays abreast of the latest developments in the field. From high-tech trail cameras to the newest in scent control, James’ expertise extends to rigorously reviewing and recommending products. As an affiliate marketer, James has built a reputation for honest, in-depth reviews that have helped countless hunters make informed decisions about their equipment.

James’ journey through the wild has been more than just pursuing game; it’s about understanding wildlife, respecting nature, and embracing the evolving technology that enhances the hunting experience. Through his website posts, James continues to foster a community where knowledge, experience, and a passion for hunting are shared and celebrated.

Contact info:  outreach@deerdonkey.com

about ben kitts

With over 20 years of experience fishing the lakes and oceans of Florida, Ben will fish any time, day or night, muggy or humid, rainy or sunny. He will fish in local golf course lakes, ponds, streams, creaks, and oceans.  Ben is also a PGA Teaching Professional in Naples, FL, and spends his free time somewhere on his boat.

Check out Ben’s complete bio on his PGA page by clicking here.

Contact info: perfectgolf54@gmail.com

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