The Best Magnet for Treasure Hunting (Fishing)

In recent years, magnet fishing has experienced a huge surge in popularity. Enthusiasts are drawn to this activity due to its treasure hunting type mentality. But what is the best magnet for magnet fishing? Stay tuned!

best magnet for magnet fishing

Magnet fishing, also known as magnetic fishing or magnet angling, is a recreational activity that involves using a strong magnet to retrieve metallic objects from bodies of water. The concept is quite straightforward: attach a sturdy rope or cord to the magnet, throw it into a lake, river, canal, or any other waterway, and slowly drag it back towards you.

As the magnet moves through the water, its magnetic field attracts any ferrous objects present in its vicinity. Once an object gets attached to the magnet, you can carefully reel it in and see what treasure lies beneath.

For those who have a clear idea of what they need, check out the links below. If you’re just starting your search visit our detailed buyer’s guide.

The Best Magnets for Magnet Fishing

Best Overall

  • Brute Magnetics Single-Sided Magnet: Over 1500 lbs of pull force.
  • Premium Material: High-quality steel with Nickel-Copper-Nickel coating.
  • Easy Mounting: Stainless steel M12 eyebolt and threaded hole.
  • Versatile: Perfect for finding various items during magnet fishing.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: 30-day money-back guarantee included.
  • Retail: $50

Second Best Overall

  • Wildebeest Double-Sided Magnet: 10 lbs weight, 4250 lbs pull force, 5.31″ diameter.
  • Robust Build: A3 steel casing with nickel-copper-nickel coating.
  • Versatile Mounting: Top or side options for different fishing scenarios.
  • Caution: For experienced users only; avoid children and sensitive electronics.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: Backed by Brute Magnetics with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Retail: $140

Best for Beginners

  • Complete Kit: Includes N52 neodymium magnet, 65ft rope, gloves, grappling hook, threadlocker, towel, waterproof case, and E-book guide.

  • Beast Magnet: Pulls up to 2600LBs, thoroughly tested and approved by experts.

  • Top-Quality: Strong, precise, and reliable magnet fishing gear.

  • Hidden Treasures: Perfect for hunting in water bodies with a 65ft cut-resistant rope.

  • Great Support: We’re dedicated to your satisfaction; contact us for assistance

  • Retail: $100

best magnet for magnet fishing

Best for Tight Spaces

  • Ultimate Magnet Fishing Kit: Includes a 1250 lb double-sided pull-force magnet, 60′ rope, carabiner, threadlocker, gloves, scraper, towel, mesh bag, and a FREE ebook.

  • Great for Salvage and Treasure Hunting: Strong magnet and long rope for versatile use.

  • Protect Your Magnet: Accessories ensure your magnet stays in good shape.

  • Built to Last: Secure setup with pre-sewn loop and threadlocker.

  • Free Ebook: Learn the hobby with tips and care instructions.

  • Retail: $50

Best for Experienced Magnet Fishing

  • For Experts: Handle with care due to its extreme strength.

  • Maximum Protection: Stainless steel case for durability.

  • Strong Attraction: 50mm thickness for exceptional pulling power.

  • Complete Kit: Includes gloves, 65ft rope, carabiner, and thread locker.

  • Impressive Force: 3,500lb combined pull, 434lb direct pull.

Best Magnet for Kids

  • Light Duty Magnet Fishing Kit: Includes 2.36″ rare earth magnet, 100ft paracord, carabiner, thread locker, and gloves.

  • Strong Magnet: Pulls over 425 pounds, great for family fishing adventures.

  • Durable Gear: 649lb breaking strength paracord, secure eyebolt with thread locker.

  • Treasure Hunting: Portable magnet for finding treasures in various water sources.

  • Brute Magnetics Guarantee: Quality tested with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • Retail: $36

Best Heavy Duty

  • 360° Reversible Magnet: Strong N52 neodymium magnet for extra power, includes free E-Book guide.

  • 2000LB Fishing Magnet: Heavy-duty and durable.

  • Versatile Use: Great for treasure hunting underwater and other uses.

  • Hidden Treasure Finder: Ideal for water exploration with a 65-foot rope.

  • Exceptional Support: We strive for 5-star experiences and are here to assist.

  • Retail: $75

Best Magnet Buyer's Guide

Understanding the Basics of Magnet Fishing

Magnet fishing, also known as magnetic fishing or magnet angling, is a fun activity where a strong magnet is used to retrieve metal objects from bodies of water. It’s straightforward: attach a sturdy rope to the magnet, toss it into the water, and slowly pull it back to see what you’ve caught.

Why a Strong Magnet Matters

To succeed in magnet fishing, a powerful magnet is essential. Its strength determines its ability to attract and hold metal objects submerged underwater. Weak magnets can lead to missed opportunities and struggling with heavy items. A robust magnet lets you explore deeper waters with confidence and increases your chances of finding valuable treasures. Plus, investing in a durable magnet ensures longevity and minimizes the risk of breakage during retrieval.

Understanding Magnetic Strength and Pulling Force

Magnetic strength is crucial, and it’s measured in Gauss rating, indicating the magnet’s power. Higher Gauss ratings mean stronger magnetic fields, capable of attracting larger and heavier objects underwater. Additionally, pulling force, measured in kilograms or pounds, tells you how much weight the magnet can securely hold. Opting for a higher pulling force ensures your magnet grips submerged items securely, reducing the risk of losing valuable finds.

Choosing the Right Magnet Type and Shape

Neodymium magnets are a top choice for magnet fishing due to their exceptional strength-to-size ratio. They come in various grades, denoted by letters (N35-N52), with higher numbers indicating greater strength. Consider the magnet type and shape based on your fishing environment and the types of objects you aim to retrieve. Block-shaped magnets offer stability on uneven surfaces, disc-shaped magnets excel at attracting objects directly beneath, and ring-shaped magnets combine features for versatility.

Coating and Protection for Longevity

Choosing a magnet with the right coating is vital to prevent rust and corrosion during extended exposure to water. Nickel-copper-nickel or epoxy resin coatings offer protection. Nickel-copper-nickel is durable and moisture-resistant, while epoxy resin provides an added layer of corrosion protection. Be aware that coatings can have limitations, so consider your fishing conditions.


As magnet fishing gains popularity, choosing the right magnet is crucial for a successful and enjoyable experience. Remember to consider factors like magnetic strength, coating quality, and user reviews before making a purchase. With the right magnet, you can embark on exciting magnet fishing adventures and discover remarkable finds beneath the water’s surface. Happy magnet fishing!

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